Monday, May 17, 2010

I know most people probably write some pretty profound things on their blogs. I know that most people probably come up with deep thoughts about life, love, relationships, the world. But that's just not me. I am a simple man with simple thoughts about all of the above. I don't have some deep philosophy that drives me nor do i claim to have the answers to life. I don't know where i will be in five years and I barely remember what happened five days ago. I am not a guru at what i do nor am i the most intelligent.

For the last eight years i have been a student pastor and i have watched lives be changed and lives fall apart. I have watched people that really understood faith and some that had no idea what following Christ was all about. I have watched people fight over rules and regulations in the church and some that simply did what they were called to do without apologizing. And through it all, i have felt at times that if Jesus was around, even he would get burnt out on church. I have to imagine that even a few times he would have gotten tired and just walked away to go do his own thing.

But the beauty of God is that even though He may get frustrated with us, He never tires of us. He never throws in the towel and He never gives up. And so why should i be any different. This blog is about the pursuit of something more in life than just burning out. This blog is about trying to live a life of meaning and fulfillment. This blog is simply put a chance for me to say i am tired of the ritual and i am ready for passion, adventure, and life. Real life.

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  1. Matt, if the rest of your blog ends up like this (honest and passionate) I will enjoy every minute of reading it! Miss hanging out with ya bro, and I'm excited to see the thoughts and ramblings that come out of your heart and make it onto this page! Peace man!